Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day 18 - Beautiful B & W

Many tips and techniques shown to us in this lesson at Beyond Layers with Kim Klassen
on creating Black & White images.

I embarked on capturing a few photos of our 16yr old daughter who
does not particularly want her picture taken.
It also happen to be St Patrick's Day, so I thought it appropriate to leave her
 eyes green with a little enhancement.
One would never know that she lay slouched
on the couch watching her favourite show as I clicked away.... barely
irritating her.............tee hee

85mm    f 1.8    1/60   ISO 200

For this image taken a day later, she stood in the hallway
leaned up against the wall.....whilst I stood on a ladder,
as she is an inch or two taller than I.
 I wanted to reveal a bit of her personality
so she held her fiddle.
Her face is brightened by the sunlight reflecting off of the tile floor.
Also a gaussian blur filter and vignette were applied.

85mm     f1.8     1/125     ISO 200



  1. i love the b/w treatment on your photos. You did a wonderful job of capturing your daughter!

  2. Beautiful images, I especially love the top one.

  3. Lovely images and very professional looking. Well done x